Please download the PC/Mac/Linux builds below if you have performance issues

Post jam version can be found here

Jeff From Accounting is an unpunctuated game about typing what you shoot and shooting what you type.  

Buckle up, things are about to get wordy!   


* Move = WSAD/Arrows keys
* Sprint = Shift  
* Fire = Left click  
* Reload = R/Return     
* You shoot the letters you type while reloading  


Art person: *Greg Lee*  
Sound guy: *Dale Smith*  
Code monkey: *Aaron Baumbach*  
Made with Unity.  

All assets made in 72 hours during the Jam. 

Checkout the source on github to see some sleep deprived commit messages.


Download 136 MB
Download 139 MB
Download 133 MB


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That gameplay in combination with the furniture / monster design is absolutely hilarious! I loved the moment when I figured out how to open the door and how to use my shotgun properly. <3 That's such a nice twist on the whole shooter genre, congratulations! I had such a good time with your game, that I decided to recommend it in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 41. :) It's also featured in the correlated video. Thanks for your entry, I'm hoping to see more such neat jam games of you in the future!

Best wishes,

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Was a fun little game! Though I did have a bug where i couldnt rotate full 360, resetting fixed it though. Also,  im not sure if it made this way on purpose, but a lot of my bullets would seem to just phase through the enemies.  


Well done guys, it's a really fun concept. :)