Please download the PC/Mac/Linux builds below if you have performance issues

OriginalJam Version can be found here

Jeff From Accounting is an unpunctuated game about typing what you shoot and shooting what you type.  

Buckle up, things are about to get wordy!   


* Move = WSAD
* Sprint = Shift  
* Fire = Left click  
* Reload = R/Return     
* You shoot the letters you type while reloading  


Art person: *Greg Lee*   Sound guy: *Dale Smith*   Code monkey: *Aaron Baumbach*      Made with Unity.  

Checkout the source on github to see some sleep deprived commit messages.


Download 145 MB


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this game is so good oh my gosh

i was so scared when the music changed and THE CHAIR CAME AT ME

but the fact that you had to type your bullets was awesome

i love this!!